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Visa Services by Axxa India Consultancy

Permanent Residency Visa

Axxa India provides Permanent Residency that empowers a foreign national to reside and work indefinitely in a country of which he is not a citizen.

Student Visa

Axxa India provides Student Visa that is a non-immigrant visa which is issued to any potential student seeking higher education in another country.

Business Visa

Axxa India provides Business Visa that is issued to Indian citizens, citizens of other countries and stateless persons who seek to enter other countries for business purposes.

About Axxa India

We, at Axxa India, believe in a pro-active approach and is thus successful in almost all its visa processing endeavors. Get in touch with us today to ensure that your aspiration of circumnavigating the globe for tourism or permanent residency is fulfilled with the least of effort.

What We Do

Our Mission

We at Axxa India strive to take upon challenges to provide valuable services in order to build life-long relationship with our clients which is essential not only in making our services optimal, but also in achieving the best results each time you choose us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be unrivaled in the travel industry by continuously developing new relationships and opportunities. We are committed to being recognized for excellence, integrity and innovation in our chosen field.

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