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Hongkong Permanent Residency Visa

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Hong Kong is rightly termed as the centre of finance of South Asia and is governed by China. Apart from having scenic natural and artificial beauty, which mesmerizes the travelers from across the globe, Hong Kong also has too much to offer for every section of society. In the past few years, Hong Kong has become extremely popular destination among Indians who go there for permanent residency and for long term projects. The area offers high income to finance professionals and other sections too.

Indians also prefer Hong Kong due to its nearness to the nation. Hong Kong immigration is also way simpler than any other European or western world nation due to closeness of the two nations. Putting politics away, India and China have always been strategic partners and their corporate worlds are interdependent on each other. Chinese government has been extremely fair in granting visas and permanent residencies to Indians in Hong Kong.

This is meant for skilled individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to stay in Hong Kong in order to pursue professional career and start up businesses respectively. To be eligible to secure entry into the port city under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, applicants must satisfy a number of prerequisites, along with clearing a points-based test and competing for quota allocation.

Here are the basic eligibility criteria for applicants of the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme by Axxa India:

AGE: Applicants must be minimum 18 years old at the time of filing application.
FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be capable of supporting themselves financially , as well as providing support to their dependants.
CHARACTER: Applicants must boast a good character and must not possess any criminal record or previous negative immigration record in Hong Kong. The applicant should be able to provide
LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Applicants must have the proficiency on written, as well as spoken English or Chinese.
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Applicants must have a good background when it comes to education. Ideally, an applicant should have an undergraduate degree, earned from a recognized university/institution in first class. If an applicant does not possess a degree, his/her technical qualifications, professional experience and achievements are taken into consideration.

Benefits of Migrating to Hongkong

Today, the world wants to be Hong Kong. People have benefitted so much from Hong Kong immigration that their government had to put up restrictions on granting visas to all categories of applicants. Hong Kong offers you business resources, great infrastructure and a market which you never would have experienced in any part of the world. For a dreamer, who wants to do big in the life, Hong Kong is the ultimate destination.

Free economy: Perhaps, the biggest benefit of immigration to this nation is that it boasts of an absolutely free economy. Tax rates here are pretty insignificant. There is also no inheritance tax. There is no crippling foreign exchange controls either.

Hong Kong Residency: This can be acquired rather quickly & much easily. The migrants only require some months to duly apply for the country’s residency status.

Legal society: The country has what one calls perfect legality. Here, there is an assurance of human rights, protection of private property and full privacy of human rights. Availability of superb opportunities for global giants, improved scope for further development imply that one cannot find a better nation to migrate to and do a thriving business.

Democracy: Hong Kong is a democracy — and that also a flourishing one. This nation upholds democracy, free spirit. Here, people live with no fears whatsoever of any ideological and political detention.

Honest Government: The government of Hong Kong is honest and resourceful even as it is much known for its unmatched service to the community, respecting the public opinion, protecting public interests. At a time when cases of widespread corruption and dishonesty keep surfacing and re-surfacing from almost all over the world and the various governments keep being held guilty of the same, such a positive aspect of this city-state certainly comes as a pleasant surprise even as it proves to be yet another benefit of Hong Kong immigration.

Amazing Habitation: The country boasts of a highly prospering material and spiritual civilization, not to mention a high quality of life, even as all this makes it the very best city for human habitat across the globe. The country has the second longest life expectancy of any nation in the globe.

Cheaper Living: In Hong Kong, almost everything — Travelling, Food, Telecommunication, Medical, and Entertainment — is comparatively cheaper vis-à-vis other leading nations which inspire skilled labor.

Free education: The nation offers free education to the children of its migrants. Post shifting to the country, migrants’ children may enjoy absolutely free education for nine years.

Wonderful Tourist Spots: Hong Kong also boasts of several attractive tourist spots — a visit to which proves highly memorable and entertaining for the visitors. Actually, the whole nation is dotted with such attractions with Victoria Harbor, The Peak and the Giant Buddha being just a few of them.

Hongkong Economy

A few other factors that helped Hong Kong in standing up as a rising star in the world economic scenario include the region’s political stability; its tax system, as well as business perks. Entrepreneurs from across the world are showing their interest in Asia, especially in this heart land.

This port city is better known for its prospering service industry. Banking, insurance, telecommunication, information technology and tourism are the major service industries where a majority of the population in Hong Kong is engaged. Taking special note of the tourism industry, a significant portion of the economy’s revenues is generated from it. Hong Kong received about 29.5 million visitors in the year 2008, which is four times larger than the region’s population. Another industry that deserves a special mention is the entertainment industry. Hong Kong is also known as Asia’s movie capital.

Hong Kong truly stands as an Asian leader in many industries, especially finance and information technology. Factors like strong work ethic, advanced technologies, business-oriented environment are undoubtedly making this city a prime choice in the continent for every entrepreneur to spread or set up a business. It is a dream country that offers great job opportunities for skilled professionals. For sure, this is one country that one can make his/her permanent home and an ideal place to bring up family in!

Have a look at scorecard of Hong Kong economy:


• The world’s freest economy
• The world’s most service-oriented economy
• The world’s 2nd highest per capita holding of foreign exchange
• The world’s 2nd most competitive economy
• Asia’s 2nd most business-friendly economy
• Asia’s 2nd largest recipient of foreign direct investment
• Asia’s 2nd largest source of foreign direct investment
• Asia’s 2nd least corrupt place
• The world’s 11th largest exporter of services
• The world’s 11th largest trading economy


• Asia’s highest concentration of fund managers
• Asia’s largest venture capital centre
• Asia’s 2nd most developed insurance market in terms of per capita insurance premium
• Asia’s 2nd largest syndication loan centre
• Asia’s 3rd anring
• Mechanical Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Environmental Engineering

Sector: Arts and Culture

• Performing Arts,
• Fine Arts,
• Museums,
• Libraries,
• Photography

Sector: Broadcasting and Entertainment

• Broadcasting & Programming,
• Motion Picture, Video &
• Television Program
• Production,
• Sound Record &
• Music
• Publishing

Sector: Business Support and Human Resources

• Business Consulting,
• Company Secretary,
• Administrative Support,
• Human Resources Management,
• Recruitment Services,
• Public Relations Services,
• Advertising,
• Information Services

Sector: Catering and Tourism

• Bars,
• Restaurants,
• Hotels,
• Travel Agencies

Sector: Commerce and Trade

• Import & Export,
• Retail,
• Wholesale

Sector: Financial and Accounting Services

• Accountancy,
• Banking,
• Insurance,
• Securities,
• Investment Banking

Sector: Human Health and Veterinary Services

• Western Medicine,
• Chinese Medicine,
• Dental Services,
• Medical Technologists,
• Occupational Therapists,
• Nurses,
• Veterinary Services

Sector: Information Technology and Telecommunications

• IT Consultancy
• Wireline or Wireless Communications

Sector: Legal Services

• Legal Practice

Sector: Logistics and Transportation

• Logistics,
• Air Transport,
• Sea Transport,
• Land Transport

Sector: Manufacturing Industries

• Electrical,
• Electronics,
• Food & Beverages,
• Chemical,
• Metals,
• Toys,
• Textiles,
• Watches,
• Jewelry
• Printing & Publishing
• Sports Activities

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