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Newzealand Student Visa

New Zealand's educational institutions are well regarded throughout the world. There is a great range of opportunities available to international students here: quality secondary school education, a well established network of English language schools, and internationally respected and recognized tertiary New Zealand offers all levels of education, from certificates to doctoral degrees. Having a student visa means you can study in New Zealand for a set time at a specified institution as a full-time student

Types of Qualifications:

There are 10 levels of study in New Zealand schools and universities. The lowest level is a certificate and the highest is a doctoral degree.

1. Certificates are levels 1 to 4
2. Diplomas are levels 5 and 6
3. Bachelors degree, graduate diplomas and certificates are level 7
4. Postgraduate diplomas and certificates and bachelor’s degrees with honors are level 8
5. Masters degrees are level 9
6. Doctoral degrees are level 10.

All major education providers are registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), so students are sure that they studying for an approved qualification.

All polytechnics and institutes of technology provide certificate, diploma or degree. These institutions offer more practical and vocational courses.

A university bachelors degree usually takes three to four years. After the bachelors degree, student can go for masters degree or doctorate.


You can only stay in New Zealand on a student visa for a limited time.

If you are a full fee-paying student you may be granted a student visa for the period for which you have paid course fees (up to a maximum of four years).

Working while studying

Students can work part time while studying full time, under certain circumstances:

1. to meet course requirements for practical work experience, or
2. during the Christmas and New Year holiday period if you are in a full-time course of study lasting 12 months or longer, and/or
3. for up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year if in full-time study:
4. at a private training establishment or tertiary institution and taking at least two academic years to complete, or
5. culminating in a New Zealand qualification that would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category, or
6. at a secondary school full year course of study in years 12 or 13, provided they have written permission from the school and written consent from parents, or
7. in a full-time study course lasting at least six months, at a private training establishment or tertiary institution. or
8. at a tertiary level of at least one academic year duration as part of an approved tertiary student exchange scheme.

Medical insurance

Student must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while they are studying in New Zealand .Student visa holders are generally not eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.

Application Procedure

1. Decide the course and the institute.
2. Fill and complete the Application form
3. Submit the required documents along with the fee.
4. Be sure that you meet the health requirements
5. Make sure to meet the character requirements
6. Lodge the application.

Evidence of funds

To gain a student visa you should have enough money held in New Zealand by you to support yourself during the stay. You can provide:

1. a financial undertaking to cover your accommodation and living costs,
2. sponsorship by an acceptable sponsor to cover your accommodation and living costs, or
3. Financial assistance available to you under aid programme operated in New Zealand by a government agency.

Courses less than nine months

If the course you intend to study lasts less than nine months, you will need to show us you have access to:

1. NZ$1,250 for each month of your stay less any prepaid living expenses (you will need to show us that you’ve paid).

Courses more than nine months

If the course you intend to study lasts more than nine months you’ll need to show that you have access to:

1. NZ$15,000 per year to cover your costs during your stay in New Zealand less any prepaid living expenses (you will need to show us that you’ve paid),

Evidence of funds may be in the form of cash, travelers' cheques, bank drafts, or a recognised credit card with enough credit.

Visa conditions

Once you have a student visa, you must meet certain conditions during your stay.

1. You must attend the place of study noted on your visa.
2. If you have to be accompanied by a guardian, you must live with that person.
3. You must be able to show that you are passing your course and meeting your attendance requirements.
4. You may only undertake work allowed by your student visa.
5. You must obey New Zealand’s laws.
6. You must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your visa.

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