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Our Services

Underlying are some services offered by us.


There are certain eligibility standards like those of age, qualification, work experience which are required to be qualified for initiating a visa allotment process. After receiving a visa aspirant's profile, it is strictly scrutinized against these selection benchmarks so that rejections are ruled out. We have an excellent processing research team which evaluates and assesses the applicant's profile thoroughly as per the contemporary immigration policies and regulations of the government, and therefore guides you in your assessment process..


We understand that everyone is standing on a different phase of life with its own challenges and accordingly, we provide realistic and practical consultation by analyzing individual's situation thoroughly and properly. At Axxa India, we believe in absolute transparency and proper information flow to ensure that you get what you need in good time. Our consultants, well versed with the updated knowhow of the industry and with their years-long experience ensure that all requisite research is done in an efficient manner, thus saving a lot of resources in the form of time, money and effort.


The procedure of visa issuance requires the submission of an array of documents and you need to have all the documents handy and in order before filing the visa application. In order to ensure minimal chances of rejection, it requires a professional hand to deal with the number of applications required. Through our experience, we guide you in accumulating , sorting and handling documents, supporting documents required for visa processing as prescribed by the government of the country of your choice and the type of visa needed. We help you to ensure that your application adhere to the immigration regulations and visa processing standards. Our legal and technical experts possessing updated knowhow of visa process helps you in screening documents to authenticate that your application is all set to be submitted or requires some particulars to be attached or to be redressed.


As your migration agent, we offer value-added pre-landing services like air-ticketing, travel and health insurance. But we are not going to desert you in a new world when you land there. Post-landing, we provide services through our local representatives to ensure that you are comfortable and acclimatized away from home. Here are a few of backing services furnished by Axxa India post-landing:

  • Airport pick-up

  • Accommodation

  • Assistance in opening a bank account, locker and credit card from the related bank

  • Helping you to apply for permanent resident card, social security card, driving license, health card and other required documents.

  • Introduction with reliable real estate broker, bank representative and franchise broker

  • Briefing you of the fundamental details of the country including infrastructure, housing, business, education, shopping, concerned rules and regulations, market and business environment, etc.

Our pre and post-landing services comes as a package and are country-specific. To avail the same, you can always contact us.